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Dues Levels

$ 50 Regular - This selection covers only your Dallas Association Dues. Directory is not included unless over age 65. KKG (national) fraternity per cap dues will be handled by the individual.

$ 90 Patron - This selection includes your Dallas Association Dues + your KKG (national) Fraternity per capita fees and includes a member directory.

+$25 Key - for total of either $75 or $115 - For those who wish to make an additional contribution through the online store to cover local Alumnae Association initiatives, you may donate an additional $25 to either level. For example, Regular ($50 +$25 = $75) or Patron ($90 + $25 = $115)

Purchases completed before July 1 will be recognized in the printed member directory, and all are included in the online directory.

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We welcome you to the Dallas Alumae Association and look forward to meeting and welcoming you personally!

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